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Zombicide- Black Plague

Zombicide- Black Plague

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Zombicide: Black Plague is a cooperative board game that brings the relentless zombie-killing action of Zombicide into a fantasy setting, featuring different Survivors from all walks of medieval life and even some fantasy races like dwarves and elves! Draw your sword, span your crossbow, and ready your spells! Is it the end? Are we cursed to die? It's a dark time, but not for those with a will.

-Survivors, each with unique abilities, use their skills against the masses of unthinking, blood craving zombies!

-The more zombies you kill, the more powerful the Survivors become, but the undead will also grow in power.

-Players fully immerse themselves in the game where they can trick zombies, set traps, and make daring escapes. Running can help these Survivors get out of a tough spot, but the only way they can truly win is by destroying the zombies and committing large amounts of Zombicide

-Face the Necromancer and survive your way through Zombicide: Black Plague!

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