Getting Started: Dresden Files Role Playing Game

“You can find me in the yellow pages, under ‘Wizards’. Believe it or not, I’m the only one there.”

- Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, Wizard P.I.

The Dresden Files RPG is a pen and paper role playing game that utilizes the Fate System, rather than the more familiar D20 system. The game is set in the world of The Dresden Files novels by author Jim Butcher. In the Dresdenverse, creatures of myth and legend walk among us in secret. Different vampire courts vie for power, evil sorcerers abusing magic for their own ends, fallen angels and demons, the winter and summer courts of the Fae locked in constant struggle, while the White Council of Wizards tries to hold it all together. How’s a guy suppose to make a living in all that chaos? The Dresden Files RPG invites you to create and play your own adventures set in this imaginative world of danger, intrigue, and magic!

New players looking to get into playing The Dresden Files RPG will have an easy time getting started. All that is required to purchase is a copy of the core rules, a single book that helps you learn how to play and create your characters as well as run the game as a Game Master. The core rules will also show you how to take any real-world location and “Dresden-fy” it. Before you know it, your home town is overrun by ghouls and ghosts, and only you and your friends can get rid of them.  In addition, players will need at lest one set of “Fudge Dice”, a special set of 6-sided dice with faces representing “blank”, “+”, and “-“.

We also recommend that players print off some support sheets from Evil Hat Games, and have something to use as “Fate Counters”, such as poker chips, glass beads, or some other type of marker. As always, feel free to message us or come in to the Outpost with any questions. Happy gaming!