Loyalty Programs

  • Valor Program

    Spend twenty dollars or more (before-tax, not using store credit) during your visit to earn a point. A point is equal to a 1% discount that stacks up to a maximum of 20% off a regular priced item.

    1% is also earned whenever you attend a store event, such as game nights or tournaments. If you attend an event, as well as meet the spending requirement, you would earn 2%! For purchases of $400 or more, you are instead rewarded 1 valor point for every $200 spent.

    All percentages are tracked in store and this discount cannot be combined with any other offer. Redeeming any percentage resets you back to zero points.

    Sign up in store, or online simply by creating an account.

  • Garrison Member

    A $60 annual fee grants free access to roleplaying game supplies for use in The Polished Pickaxe ($10 per day without membership). Only Garrison members can reserve table space (first come first served for non-members*). In addition, you are entitled to 10% off of all pre-orders as well as 20% off renting The Polished Pickaxe for your own special events (Non member price is $250 per day).

    *There is no fee for anybody, regardless of membership status to use a table in The Polished Pickaxe.

  • Field Recruitment Program

    Refer a friend to join you as a Garrison Member to receive 15% off one product. Cannot be combined with any other offer.