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Voidfall delivers a grand-scale space 4X experience with minimum-luck game mechanics, focusing on player skill and strategy.

Explore and reclaim the remnants of the shattered Domineum without relying on random hex placement. Expand wide by galactic conquest, or tall by improving and specializing your smaller empire. 

Exploit your sectors for resources, science and credits in a deep and diverse empire management system. Exterminate the Voidborn or battle your opponents using a deterministic combat mechanic with no player elimination.

As the leader of a defiant Great House, you play through three cycles, each with a game-altering galactic event, a new scoring condition, and a set number of focus cards that can be played. Focus card decisions and sequencing is the centerpiece of the gameplay. By selecting two of their three impactful actions as you play them, you develop and improve techs; advance on your three house-specific civilization tracks; manage your sectors’ infrastructure, population, and production; and conquer new sectors with up to five different types of space fleets.

Epic space strategy with 4X elements

Voidfall combines the tension, grand strategy, and deep empire customization of the 4X genre with the resource management, tight decisions, and minimumluck gameplay of an economic Euro-style game.

Minimum to zero luck

Instead of relying on the luck of a die roll, battles in Voidfall are fully deterministic and reward grand strategy, careful preparation and outsmarting your opponents.

Game modes and asymmetric factions

The game offers competitive, cooperative and solo mode with 20 scenarios and 50+ map set-ups that can be played with a selected combination of 14 asymmetric factions.

Infinite replayability

Voidfall is a long-lasting design with near-infinite content combinations to discover. Every asymmetric House, thematic scenario, special Sector and Technology setup adds an interesting new spin, making each game of Voidfall feel fresh and exciting.

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