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Tiny Epic Cthulhu: Cult of Chaos Expansion

Tiny Epic Cthulhu: Cult of Chaos Expansion

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Release date is Q4 2024

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In the Cult of Chaos expansion, a wicked Cultist of the Shrine emerges, determined to thwart the players' efforts and empower the Great Old One. This malevolent figure seeks to plunge the world into eternal chaos and darkness.

The Cultist of the Shrine possesses the ability to traverse various locations, casting powerful incantations and summoning his devoted followers to wreak havoc upon the unfortunate town. These loyal disciples will go to great lengths to impede your progress and obstruct your path to victory.

Prepare to face the treacherous Cultist as he orchestrates his sinister plans, maneuvering strategically and employing dark magic to fulfill his nefarious objectives. Only by overcoming their malevolent schemes can you hope to restore order and prevent the world from descending into eternal darkness.

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