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The Witcher: Path of Destiny Standard Edition

The Witcher: Path of Destiny Standard Edition

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The Witcher: Path of Destiny is a competitive 1-5 player tableau-building card game where you become one of the characters taking part in the most iconic stories from the Witcher universe. 
Take on the role of Geralt, Yennyfer, Ciri,Vesemir or Dandelion and retell the iconic stories from the saga. 
Use your unique abilities and follow the path of destiny or completely change its course. The actions taken by the group will determine how the story ends - but only one of you will be remember as a hero...

Box contents:

- 5 Player boards 
- 5 Character standees 
- 5 Solo automa cards
- 72 Large tale cards 
- 114 Cards 
- 50 Small cards 
- 30 Wooden markers 
- 237 Cardboard tokens
- 2 Plastic tray + lid
- 1 Rulebook
- 1 Neoprene playmat

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