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The Army Painter- Green Stuff

The Army Painter- Green Stuff

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The original Kneadatite (best known as Green Stuff) is used by model makers and hobbyists for conversions, filling mold lines and sculpting miniatures. Hardens fast with a 20-30 minutes worktime for molding & only 8 hours to fully dry. Mix equal parts of yellow & blue putty until you get an even green colored putty.

Use with super glue to glue larger components.

  • Great for adding bits or hiding mold lines.
  • Hardens fast when the two components are mixed.
  • Fast and easy kneading.

How to use: 

  1. Take equal parts of the blue and yellow parts
  2. Knead them using your fingers untill they are completely green
  3. Using Sculpting Tools shape the ball and let dry
  4. Green Stuff completely cures within 24 hours.

TIP: Need more time?

Pour on a bit of water on the Green Stuff while kneading then you will get more time to shape - this will prolong drying time.

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