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Star Wars Shatterpoint- We are Brave Squad Pack

Star Wars Shatterpoint- We are Brave Squad Pack

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An iconic Queen of Naboo and her entourage enter Star Wars: Shatterpoint in this pack! Committed to public service from a young age, Padme Amidala fights for her people on the floor of the Galactic Senate to the streets of Theed and beyond. She is joined by her courageous handmaidens, including her decoy Sabe who often protects Amidala by impersonating her.

In addition to a full squad of four miniatures–Queen Padme Amidala as a Primary Unit, Sabe as a Secondary Unit, and two Naboo Royal Handmaidens as a Supporting Unit–that can be fielded together or alongside other Star Wars: Shatterpoint miniatures, this pack also includes the unit, stance, and order cards to get these characters into the fight.

Key points:

  • Padmé Amidala, the iconic Queen of Naboo, enters Star Wars: Shatterpoint as a Primary Unit
  • She is joined by her faithful impersonator Sabé as a Secondary Unit, and two Royal Naboo Handmaidens that form a Supporting Unit
  • These miniatures can be fielded together as a squad or paired with other Star Wars: Shatterpoint miniatures in custom squads
  • Includes all the Unit Stat Cards, Stance Cards, and Order Cards players need to use Amadala and her handmaidens in their games

Back of the box components:
4 Miniatures, 3 Unit Stat Cards, 3 Stance Cards, 3 Order Cards 

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