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Star Wars Legion: Clone Commander Cody

Star Wars Legion: Clone Commander Cody

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One of the Galactic Republic's most dependable Clone Commanders comes to Star Wars: Legion in this new Commander Expansion!

As the commander of the 7th Sky Corps, CC-2224, known as "Cody," has developed a distinguished reputation as a skilled strategist and fierce fighter. This pack brings him to the tabletop with his three signature Command Cards that invite players to shape their strategies to Cody’s strengths. Cody is joined by Clone Troopers Waxer and Boil of Ghost Company who can be added to Clone Trooper corps units as personnel upgrades. 

  • Brings CC-2224 to  as a Republic Commander
  • Includes components for three miniatures with alternate head options included
  • Three command cards add Cody’s unique leadership style to battles

Back of the box components:

3 Plastic Miniatures, 1 Unit Card, 3 Command Cards, 1 Token Sheet,  2 Upgrade Cards, 1 Insert Sheet

Release date April 21

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