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Squatch and Seek

Squatch and Seek

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Available July 2

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You’re a hard-working logger, felling trees while the sun shines. But when night falls, sasquatches lurk. Only lumberjacks who keep their wits about them will make it ‘til morning! A back-pack-sized game based on the play of Squirrel or Die from Fight in a Box.

  • Combat Memory Game. Build the forest by playing and rearranging cards, then take turns flipping them up. Felled trees are safe, lurking sasquatches not so much.
  • Pocket-Sized. The perfect ten-minute game to play with anyone, anywhere, any time, on any table.
  • Proven Design, Proven Brands. Based on the bestselling Squirrel or Die backpack game from Fight in a Box, this is another fine lumberjack game to stock next to the growing Flapjacks & Sasquatches line.
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