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Not Enough Mana

Not Enough Mana

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Not Enough Mana is a 'potion' drinking card game for 3-6 fearless wizards (legal potion drinking age may vary depending on your kingdom’s laws). You’ll be destroying each other using epic spells, curses and artifacts while replenishing your mana by drinking magical potions*. Your goal is to eliminate all other wizards from the game, either through depleting all their health points or by K.O. (also known as Too Much Mana).

How To Play

  • Each wizard draws 5 cards and 10 health points.
  • You can drink mana potions at any point in the game, even outside your turn. Each potion replenishes 3 mana points.
  • The eldest wizard starts the game. Then, wizards take turns clockwise.
  • In  your turn, draw cards up to your hand limit of 5. Then, you can (in any order) play, exchange and/or discard any number of cards.
  • To play a card, put it on the table, pay its cost and indicate the target. 
  • When a wizard runs out of health points or has Too Much Mana, he is removed from the game. The last wizard on the battlefield wins.


  • 165 Premium linen-coated 63.5 x 88 mm (poker size) cards
  • 70 Red Health Crystals
  • 70 Blue Mana Crystals
  • 1 Game Manual
  • 2 Drawstring Bags
  • 1 Box
  • 1 Plastic Insert with extra room for card sleeves
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