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Marvel Crisis Protocol: Cabal Affiliation Pack

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Cabal Affiliation Pack

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Available- May 10

preorder cutoff- April 21

When given access to unimaginable power, some use it to defend their homes. Some, to commit petty crimes. And some set their eyes on the ultimate prize: world conquest. This third group forms the sinister Cabal, a loose-knit faction of would-be conquerors. Their quest is endless, their troops ceaseless, and their methods brutal.

Recruit your own Cabal for your games of Marvel: Crisis Protocol with the Cabal Affiliation Pack. In this box you will find highly-detailed miniatures for core-set Red Skull, Baron Zemo, Crossbones, and Ultron. With Stat Cards and Team Tactic Cards to match, your Squad will be ready to unfurl their sinister ploy.

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