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Mage Knight: The Apocalypse Dragon Expansion Set

Mage Knight: The Apocalypse Dragon Expansion Set

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Available- February 2025

cutoff is TBD

Return to the world of Mage Knight with an all-new Expansion!

The beloved modern classic is back with the first major expansion since 2015! You'll meet a new playable hero: Coral, who wants revenge on the Apocalypse Cult.You'll also find new enemies to fight, including the four horsemen and the fearsome Apocalypse Dragon. You'll explore new tiles with new locations and challenges. This all comes together in a story-driven campaign mode featuring new scenarios and more!

Combining elements of RPGs, deck-building, and traditional board games, Mage Knight puts you in control of a powerful Mage Knight as you explore (and conquer) a corner of the Mage Knight universe. Build your army, fill your deck with powerful spells and actions, explore caves and dungeons, and eventually conquer powerful cities!

Mage Knight is an epic experience for up to 4 players, and great for solo players who wish to adventure on their own!

Expansion design by Phil Pettifer, from the original game design by Vlaada Chvátil.

This expansion requires either Mage Knight Board Game or Mage Knight Ultimate Edition to play.


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