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Kryda's Adventures: Beginnings (Book 1)

Kryda's Adventures: Beginnings (Book 1)

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Just before coming of age and settling into a simple village life, Kryda runs away from home in search of adventure.  The calling is more than simple wanderlust for this young dwarf, who finds herself surrounded by a mysterious and deadly disease affecting all forms of life. Time is not on her side; she must learn the ways of the outside world, battle and camaraderie, before the blight gets out of control.

About the Author

M.K. MacLean is a budding Canadian author from North Bay, Ontario. Steeped in pen and paper role play and fantasy worlds, she began writing novels at a very young age and was never able to keep it brief with entire worlds blooming in her mind the moment she was prompted to tell a fictional story. Kryda's Adventures series is one such world, stemming from multiple role playing scenarios that brought the main character and the world around her to life. She has participated in the yearly NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) since 2009 which kept the ideas and passion flowing.

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