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Imperial Royal Guards

Imperial Royal Guards

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Inscrutable behind their blood-red masks, the Imperial Royal Guard will face down anyone that dares threaten the Emperor. While little is known about these enigmatic warriors, one thing is certain: their sole directive is to protect the leader of the Galactic Empire, with their lives if necessary. The Imperial Royal Guards Unit Expansion contains everything you need to add a unit of Emperor Palpatine’s personal bodyguards to your army. The squad of four unpainted, easily assembled miniatures stands ready to protect the Emperor or do his bidding on any planet across the galaxy. Meanwhile, the Royal Guards are also accompanied by ve distinct upgrade cards that invite you to out to them with even more tools for protecting the Emperor. A Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion A squad of the Emperor’s Imperial Royal Guard stand ready to protect the Emperor or any other Imperial VIP on the battle elds of the Galactic Civil War An assortment of upgrade cards introduces an Electrostaff Guard miniature with deadly weaponry and other technological advantages Contains four unpainted, easily assembled Imperial Royal Guard miniatures with all the cards and tokens you need to add them to your armies.
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