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Hundred Kingdoms Order of Sealed Temple

Hundred Kingdoms Order of Sealed Temple

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Despite its long evolution from a ancient infantry legion into the order of mounted knights the world sees today, the Order of the Sealed Temple has never wavered from its mandate to protect its charges from a hostile world. More worldly and politically involved than all other Orders, this order has proven equally adept at wielding the velvet glove of wealth and influence or the iron fist of battlefield superiority. On the battlefield these paragons of the chivalric ideal are horsemen without peer, using their speed and maneuverability to deliver powerful charges where the enemy is least prepared. 

HOW THEY PLAY: Faster and more maneuverable than their Crimson Tower and Ashen Dawn counterparts, the Order of the Sealed Temple provides an Order force with a significant presence on the battlefield during the crucial mid-game. With impressive defensive and offensive stats, the Sealed Temple can harass and deliver decisive strikes against enemy lines until the full might of the Orders descends upon their foes.


  • 3 Premium Cavalry models per pack Includes Command expansion and regiment stands
  • Assembly guides 
  • 1x Command Card
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