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Hero Realms: Character Pack

Hero Realms: Character Pack

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Available- November 19

Preorder cutoff- Nov 3

Character pack

Bard- They are the singers of songs and tellers of tales. Bards embolden commonfolk, rally warriors, and captivate kings.  As the bard you will gain bonuses as you acquire champions, then inspire those champions to perform great feats!

Monk- The mental discipline, acrobatic skills and combat prowess of these spiritual warriors is legendary. As a Monk, you will deliver precision strikes and armor-crushing blows with your bare hands. You’ll play your Tao Lu cards in combination to deal devastating damage to your opponent and heal yourself.

Druid- These powerful shapeshifters are one with the forest and its creatures. As the Druid, the creatures of the forest come to your aid. When danger approaches you can transform into a great bear and protect your furry followers. 

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