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Hero Realms: Adventure Deck

Hero Realms: Adventure Deck

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Available November 19

Preorder cutoff- Nov 3

Each 33-card Adventure Deck contains everything you need to bring the character all the way from 1st to 24th level.

It contains updated skill and treasure cards from the complete campaign sets (Ruins of Thandar, The lost Village, Watery Grave and two unknown ones)
So in the future, if you own all 5 campaign sets, you dont need this Deck.

With a Character Pack and Adventure Deck you can take your character through any Hero Realms adventure. For example, it will allow you to play your Druid in the Ruin of Thandar series, or bring your Wizard through the Dungeons 12-part adventure!

You can also create leveled-up characters for PVP play. Choose any level and you will have the tools you need to build your character. There are thousands of possible ways to build your character as you level up!

Or, play a legacy style PVP series with a friend. You each start at level 1. After each game, record the winner, then you both level up. First player to 13 wins is the champion!

Each Adventure Deck contains:

5 additional Skill Tree cards
7 additional Ability Tree cards
1 Bonus health card
20 treasure cards
Rules sheet with full leveling instructions including skill and ability tree diagrams.

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