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Halo: Flashpoint: Recon Edition

Halo: Flashpoint: Recon Edition

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Halo: Flashpoint is the tactical miniatures game for two players. Your journey begins in the War Games combat arena, bringing a range of classic Halo weapons and game modes to life on your tabletop. Gameplay is fast and intuitive to learn, and there are many tactics to discover that reward cool thinking under fire!

Prepare for the ultimate tactical tabletop experience and lead a fireteam of Spartans to victory on the battlefield.

The Recon Edition contains:
• 8 x Spartan models
• Rulebook
• Play mat
• Pre-coloured card terrain and tokens
• 10 x Weapon cards
• 8 x Player/model cards
• 2 x Reference cards
• 12 x D8 dice
• 6 x Command dice

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