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Floating Floors

Floating Floors

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Floating Floors is a competitive, tactical game of balance and cunning where players face off against other ninjas, creating stable paths to travel across to recover their seals and block their opponents. First one to recover all of their seals, wins!

How To Play:

You must create a stable path to your target by balancing a labyrinth of floorboards that will also be used by your rivals. The trick is in strategically using your jutsu (wood tokens) to keep your ninja camouflaged within the surroundings, while sabotaging rival ninja paths.

Using jutsu gained each turn, you will balance floorboards above the terrain, or extend your available path letting you make your way across the board.

White ninja’s may only move across white spaces or white jutsu; black ninja may only move across black spaces or black jutsu.

The first ninja to reclaim all of their bansen seals is declared the winner.

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