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Elder Scrolls Call to Arms - Giant Frostbite Spider

Elder Scrolls Call to Arms - Giant Frostbite Spider

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Beware the grasping webs and echoing sound of clicking when searching out caves and long forgotten tombs. The GIANT FROSTBITE SPIDER may be closer than you think. Many an adventurer has arrogantly dispatched their smaller cousins, only for the shadow of these creeping foes to be the last thing they see as the venom takes hold and the spider’s mandibles clamp shut.   This set contains one 32mm scale high quality multi-part resin miniature with scenic base. 

For use with Elder Scrolls: A Call to Arms Miniatures Core Rules. Expand your game with other Starter and Expansion Sets also available now.  


  • 1 x Giant Frostbite Spider (32mm scale multipart resin miniature )
  • 1 x scenic base 
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