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Dweghom- Tempered Sorcerer

Dweghom- Tempered Sorcerer

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In Game Role

●    Battlefield Role: Character
●    Class: Light
●    Type: Infantry


All Dweghom possess, in varying degrees, some affinity to the Primordial Elements of Fire and Earth but those among them that actually wield sorcerous power are invariably tremendously powerful in either one, or both, Elements. This is the direct result of the labors of their Tempered ancestors who sought to master and control the raging forces of War’s Prison. What these Ancestors could not foresee, however, was the lack of control over these powers that the Dweghom display. Their control is so limited, in fact, and their power so great, that gifted Dweghom are doomed to die, consumed by their own gift.

Knowing this, it comes as little surprise that at the heart of a Tempered Sorcerer’s quest for power, one will ultimately always find the pursuit of control. This is what the Tempered believe they surrendered that fateful day they broke War’s prison: control of their power, control of themselves, control of their future. And it is all of these things that they struggle to regain.

The Tempered hierarchy places very little value on raw power, but rather focuses on control. It comes as little surprise that almost invariably the leaders of the Tempered Forges are Steel Shapers, for, by the Tempered, they are considered to be the pinnacle of the Dweghom race, as well as its salvation. Below them are those Sorcerers who have managed to balance their Elemental powers but are still in the process of combining them, the Magmancers. Below even them, stand the Sorcerers, who are still struggling to control their gifts, the Geomancers and Pyromancers.  

Dweghom who discover they are Gifted, very quickly come to the attention of their superiors and are turned over to the Tempered to learn to control their Gift. There they are presented with a stark choice: embrace the path of sorcery and learn to control your power or die. Given that these are Dweghom, a surprising number of candidates still chose the second path, preferring to undergo the Descent rather than surrender the gift their ancestors fought to grant them.

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