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Darkest Dungeon- Crimson Court

Darkest Dungeon- Crimson Court

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Enter the now decayed, once beautiful gardens of the Courtyard. But beware, the former nobles who roam this place have turned into insect-like monsters who will do all they can to suck the last drop of your blood. 

The Crimson Court Expansion adds 6 new double-sided room tiles, and all the associated game components.
 The blight resistant insect-like infestations of this place add up to 42 monster miniatures, including 10 unique monster sculpts, and 4 new bosses. This expansion adds the most monsters and bosses than any of the other expansions coming in Wave 2.

Box Contents:

41 Minis
(28 Crimson Court Monsters, 13 Crimson Court Bosses)

131 Cards
(80 Monster & Boss Cards, 15 Quest Cards, 8 Room Cards, 4 Boss Room Cards, 8 Stygian Room Cards, 16 Curio Cards)

6 Room Tiles
4 Tokens


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