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Conquest: Sorcerer Kings Windborne Djinn Bows/Steelheart Djinn Polearms

Conquest: Sorcerer Kings Windborne Djinn Bows/Steelheart Djinn Polearms

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Aloof and powerful, it is only the natural curiosity of these powerful Yakshas that has allowed the Sorcerer Kings to leverage their access to the material Domain into short term contracts of service. The price for the powerful primordial warriors is high, for they are masters of whatever craft they choose to follow. The Windborn Djinn slay their foes from afar with deadly accurate volleys, while the Steelheart Djinn can be found in the heart of combat, their speed and grace lending deadly power to their elegant weaponry as they carve their way through even the most heavily armored foes.        How they Play: Powerful elemental beings, the Djinn embody the free flow of the Court of Air carrying the sorcerous prowess of Air Spellcasters to the furthest corners of the battlefield. Upon their deaths their souls feed the Sorcerous Rituals of Air returning them back to the aether from which they came. Make sure to include Windborne Djinn for accurate, armor piercing long ranged support and Steelheart Djinn for quality, close combat prowess!


  • 3 Premium Plastic Miniatures
  • 3 Brute Stands
  • 3 Brute Bases
  • 2 Command Cards and assembly instructions
  • Dual Kit with Steelheart Djinn Polearms
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