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Conquest: Lore Campaign Pack

Conquest: Lore Campaign Pack

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Lore Campaign Pack - Crucible of Wills: The Stone Face Campaign - This limited edition campaign boxed set will be made only one time in '24, and not again, please be certain you order accordingly.

Crucible of Wills, The Stonefaced Campaign is a new and limited run Boxed Set for Conquest, pitting the forces of Eric Shurr and his Hundred Kingdom forces against those of the Steelshaper and the Dweghom. This unique set will have two exclusively sculpted miniatures included for the Character Eric Shurr and a new and unqiue Steelshaper model. This set will come with a uniquely designed Campaign book to encourage new and interesting narrative play for these armies. You and a friend who are playing these factions will be newly inspired to play with this new story line provided. The boxed set will include the Command Cards for these miniatures, bases and stands, and the Campaign book with folded maps. Also included will be two $5 off coupons allowing fans to purchase STLs of the uniquely designed and new Conquest Terrain for the Hundred Kingdoms and Dweghom. The terrain sets will be available as STLs through our website directly, and we will have select partners to provide physically produced versions of these on their third party websites. This Campaign set will be made only one time in 2024, available while that supply lasts.


  • A Campaign Book for the Dweghom vs Hundred Kingdom battle
  • Folded Map
  • Special, Sculpted Miniatures of Steelshaper vs Eric Schurr
  • 2 Command Cards
  • 2 Infantry Bases and Stand
  • Assembly Instructions plus two $5 off coupons for those who wish to purchase the STLs for the terrain for the Dweghom and Hundred Kingdoms from our website
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