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Conquest: Old Dominion: Centaur Prodromoi/Kerykes Dual Kit

Conquest: Old Dominion: Centaur Prodromoi/Kerykes Dual Kit

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Available July 26

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Unlike the more docile Minotaurs or cunning Satyroi, the Centaurs were simply too primitive to integrate effectively into human society. The vast majority found their roles nonetheless as Prodromoi, scouts and border patrol forces that operated in regimented tribal structure bolstering the Legions with formidable vanguard and skirmish forces. A select few, the most ardent and pious among them, would be selected for further training, becoming an elite unit of messengers for the Pantheon: the Kyrikes, or Heralds, who could be trusted to deliver their gods’ messages even in the raging heart of a battlefield. HOW THEY PLAY: Prodromoi ride ahead of the legions to scout the battlefield and contest enemy Light Regiments attempting to push their Reinforcement Lines forward. Although they are very strong on the offense, the Prodromoi's Memories of Old ability allows their damage output to scale up throughout the battle, making them a competent shock regiment as the game progresses.


  • 3x Centaur Prodromoi Miniatures
  • 3x Cavalry Stands
  • 3x Cavalry Bases
  • 1x Command Card
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