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City States: Inquisitors

City States: Inquisitors

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Looming almost twice the height of man, these lumbering monstrosities bear little resemblance to the men they once were. Now little more than empty vessels that the Scholae can unleash at will, Inquisitors are the red right hand of this shadowy consult. Now a twisted amalgam of flesh and steel, the sole purpose is to embody the wrath and will of that shadow consult on the battlefield and beyond. Piston driven limbs cleave through flesh and steel with alarming ease, their limbs powered by the traces of phlogiston that courses through their veins, even as it burns their stunted lives short. 

HOW THEY PLAY: Inquisitors offer essential fast-moving, offensive, flanking capabilities to any City States Army. While formidable lines of Hoplites and Phalangites anchor the center of the battlefield, the Inquisitors unleash a barrage of attacks on the enemy's vulnerable flanks!


  • Brute Kit - 3 Plastic miniatures
  • 1 set of Brute bases & Stands
  • 1 Command Card and assembly instructions
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