Getting Started: Star Wars: X-Wing

“Stabilize your rear deflectors. Watch for enemy fighters.”
- Gold Five, Star Wars: A New Hope

Star Wars: X-Wing gives you the chance to pilot your own squadron of fighters against a friend. Choose a faction to collect: Rebels, Resistance, Empire, First Order, or Scum and Villainy. Then build out your list with upgrades like proton torpedoes, enhanced shields, or unique pilots like Darth Vader or Wedge Antillies. You will be doing barrel rolls and acquiring target locks before you know it!

Star Wars: X-Wing is played on an easily accommodated 3 foot by 3 foot surface. If you enjoy tabletop games but are not interested in assembling and painting your own miniatures, then you are in luck. All Star Wars: X-Wing miniatures come preassembled and pre painted, and they beautiful. Jumping into this game couldn’t be easier or more price friendly. Simply buy a starter core set, and it will provide you with a few ships, dice, tokens, movement tools, and everything else you need to start playing right away.

The game uses terrain in the form of 2D card board tokens that are provided in the starter set. Once you have your core set and have read the rules, and perhaps even have a few games under your belt, your next step is to decide how you want to build out your full squadron. A squadron typically consists of three to eight ships, depending on how you build your list. There are a number of list building mobile apps that can help you there. Then you can start collecting additional ships. A typical game of X-Wing last only around an hour and half, but we guarantee the time will “fly” by on full thrusters.