Getting Started: Shadowrun


Ever wonder what would happen if futuristic tech, mega corporations, fantasy creatures, and magic, all existed in one place? Welcome to Shadowrun. Shadowrun The Sixth World is a tabletop RPG set in the year 2080. Mega Corps run the place and Shadowrunners are either employed or hunted by them. Shadowrunners are mercenaries who hack tech, sling magic, and fire off automatic rifles to meet their objectives. On the streets of the future you can find trolls, elves, androids, and humans, among others hanging around. If the idea of playing as a half-android troll who hacks computers and wields a grenade launcher appeals to you, then Shadowrun is the game for you! SO get your crew ready and let’s take a look at what you need to get started on your first job.

Getting into Shadowrun is incredibly easy. The game works on a D6 system, so we recommend buying a brick of 36D6. After that, all you need is a copy of the core rule book. With these in hand, you are ready to start reading and playing with your friends. Happy gaming!