Getting Started: Kings of War

Kings of War is a unit-based miniatures wargame, set in the fantasy world of Mantica. Players collect a faction of their choosing, build and paint their miniatures, and then meet each other on a 6ft by 4ft field of battle. The game boasts an impressive choice of fourteen unique factions to play, and unlike most tabletop war games, you can use whatever brand of miniatures you want, so long as you satisfy the minimum number of models per unit, and the unit can be identified by your opponent. This wargame is also unique in that you don’t remove miniatures from a unit as a unit takes wounds, which allows for some very creative and scenic units that take on the appearance of a diorama should you so choose. Undead armies from the Empire of Dust will cross blades with otherworldly Nightstalkers, while the armies of Men, Elves, and Dwarves fight to hold the line against the forces of the Abyss, Goblins, Orcs, Ratkin, and more!

If you are interested in leading your own force on the field of battle, then read on for a beginner buyer’s guide to playing Kings of War.

The two most basic items you will need to play are a block of thirty-six 6-sided dice, a copy of the core rule book that contains all the rules to play and most of the faction army lists, and a good old fashion measuring tape! Once you have the rules, take some time to read through how to play, get a flavor of the story and lore of the world of Mantica, and choose what force you might like to collect. Please note, there is a supplemental book called "Uncharted Empires" that contains additional faction army lists. You may prefer to browse factions online and if you decide on a faction not in the main book, then you will want to pick up that supplement as well.

After choosing your faction to collect, you will need to start by getting some miniatures. Kings of War gives you a lot of flexibility when collecting your miniatures. You may choose to collect official Kings of War models by game creator Mantic, or you may choose to collect miniatures that fit the unit description but are made by a different company. If you would like to collect Mantic models, then we recommend choosing between the two player starter set or a single player faction starter set. The two player set contains two small forces and an abridged version of the rulebook. The single player faction sets will provide you will a much more substantial force to start, for one faction (usually around 8 units).

If you are new to miniatures war gaming altogether, then you will also want to purchase the necessary equipment to assemble and paint your forces. We recommend a can of spray primer, a bottle of super glue, some brushes, and a set of paints. Different types of flocks and base effects can also be used to give your miniatures a beautiful scenic finish. Be sure to message us or come in for a visit to the Outpost, if you would like to ask any questions or inquire about a game demo.

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