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The Witcher: Path of Destiny Wild Hunt

The Witcher: Path of Destiny Wild Hunt

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The semi-cooperative game mode allows players to stand on two sides of the conflict - one of you will take on role of Eredin himself, commanding a group of wraith-like Wild Hunt Generals, while the others will lead Ciri and her companions. The solo mode is also included, in which you will try to face the Wild Hunt alone!

Box contents:

- 1 Double-layered player board 
- 4 Character miniature
- 1 Character scoring miniature 
- 5 Starting cards 
- 4 Ability tokens 
- 2 Exp tokens
- 24 Large tale cards 
- 5 New Side Quest Cards
- 16 Generals’ special ability cards 
- 16 Generals’ weakness cards

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